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Directory of All Basic Business License Categories

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Below is a directory of licenses currently offered by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs' Business Licensing Division. Please click on the link applicable to your business activity to access a fact sheet, which include instructions and required forms.

Category Name
Auction Sales Temporary
Auctioneer DC
Auctioneer Temporary
Automobile Repossessor - Business
Beauty Shop Braiding
Beauty Shop Electrology
Beauty Shop Esthetics
Beauty Shop Nails
Elevator Inspected Sales and Services
Employment Agency Employment Services
Employment Counseling Employment Services
Explosives (Retail) Environmental Materials
Fireworks (Retail) Sales Environmental Materials
Fireworks (Temporary) Environmental Materials
Fireworks (Wholesale) Environmental Materials
Food Products Public Health: Food
Food Vending Machine Public Health: Food
Funeral Establishment Public Health: Funeral Establishments
Game Table Entertainment
Gasoline Dealer Environmental Materials
General Business General Business
General Contractor/Construction Manager General Service and Repair
Grocery Store Public Health: Food
Health Spa Public Health: Public Accommodations
Health Spa Sales Public Health: Public Accommodations
Home Improvement Contractor General Service and Repair
Home Improvement Salesperson General Service and Repair
Hotel Housing: Transient
Ice Cream Manufacturer Public Health: Food
Inn and Motel Housing: Transient
Kerosene Sales Environmental Materials
Marine Food Product (Wholesale) Public Health: Food Wholesale
Marine Food Product (Retail) Public Health: Food
Massage Establishment Public Health: Public Accommodations
Mattress Manufacturer** Manufacturing
Mattress Sales** Manufacturing
Mattress Storage Public Health: Public Accommodations
Mechanical Amusement Machine Entertainment
Mobile Delicatessen Entertainment
Motion Picture Theatre Entertainment
Motor Vehicle Dealer Motor Vehicle Sales, Service, & Repair
Motor Vehicle Reinsp. Station General Service and Repair
Pesticide Dealer RSTD-USE
Pesticide Public Applicator
Pesticide Public Operator
Public School Cafeteria
Swimming Pool DC
Temp Secondhand Dealers
Used Car Buyer Seller
Used Car Seller Only

For more information, contact the Business Licensing Division, 1100 4th Street, SW, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20024, (202) 442-4400.

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