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DCRA FOIA Requests

The FOIA Officer is the principal contact point within DCRA for advice and policy guidance on matters pertaining to the administration of the FOIA. All requests are handled professionally and expeditiously.

FOIA requests may be oral or in writing. If the request is written, the envelope shall prominently be marked "FOIA Request." Please note that although oral requests may be accepted, the FOIA Officer may request that an oral request be reduced to writing.


There is no fee to submit a FOIA request. However, you may be charged fees for searching, reviewing, and reproducing records. The Department of  Consumer and Regulatory Affairs may charge the following fees: (1) Searching for records: $16.00 to $40.00 per hour based on the pay grade of the personnel who performs the search and with the first hour free, (2) Charges for initial review of documents: $16.00 to $40.00 per hour based on the pay grade of the personnel who performs the review and with the first hour free, (3) Photocopies: $0.25 per page, (4) $1.00 per document to certify a document as true copy of an agency record, and (5) the direct cost of any service or material for which no fee has been established. Please be aware that you may have to pay search and/or review fees even if the search does not locate any responsive records or if records are located but are withheld as exempt. See DC Official Code § 2-532 and 1 DCMR § 408.

Documents Already Made Publicly Available

Please note that FOIA does not require the agency to provide documents already made publicly available through other means. Before submitting a request, please review the list below for a list of documents that do not require a FOIA request to obtain.


List of Types of Documents Already Made Publicly Available

  • Permit Documents: Copies of issued permits, permit applications, and all documents submitted in support of permit applications (including plans) may be obtained at the DCRA Permit Center Records Room, located on the second floor of the DCRA office location, at 1100 4th Street, SW. The Records Room may be reached at 202-442-4480.
  • Certificates of Occupancy: Copies of issued Certificates of Occupancy may also be obtained at the DCRA Permit Center Records Room.
  • For Tenants: Notices of Violation and Notices of Infraction issued to your rental unit, during your tenancy, may be obtained through the DCRA Inspections and Compliance Administration. Please call 202-442-4598 or email dcra.housingcomplaints@dc.gov for assistance.
  • Corporate Documents, Licensure Information: Licensure documents for an entity, including certifications, may be obtained at the DCRA Business License Center, located on the second floor of 1100 4th Street SW, during regular business hours. Corporate documents for an entity, including corporate filings, may also be obtained upon request at the Business License Center. Additionally, registered entities and their current status may be researched through our website.
  • Code Information: The DC Official Code is available online.
  • DC Municipal Regulations and the DC Register can be accessed by visiting the District Government online.
  • General Property Information: You may also access property information, including property ownership, permitting, inspections, occupancy, and violations information, via the Property Information Verification System (“PIVS”).

Fill out this form to make your FOIA request to DCRA. 

For more information on how to file an FOIA request, visit the Government Resource Center.


FOIA Officer
Tania Williams
1100 4th Street SW
Washington , DC 20024
Phone: (202) 478-9286
Fax: (202) 442-9445