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Corporate Registration: Foreign Filing Entity

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General Information

A foreign filing entity may not do business in the District until it registers with the Superintendent of Corporations of DCRA. If an entity has commenced doing business, then it may be liable for back reports and fees as identified under Form FN-1.

Foreign filing entities include non-profit and for-profit corporations, Limited Liability Companies, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, general cooperative associations, limited cooperative associations, statutory trust and general partnerships.

A foreign filing entity will be considered to be doing business in the District if its internal affairs are governed by the laws of another jurisdiction, but it holds itself out in the District as an entity as defined in DC Official Code 29-101.02(7)(A).

“Conducting business” is defined as any trade, profession or activity that provides, or holds itself out to provide, goods or services to the general public or any portion of the general public, for hire or compensation in the District of Columbia.

A foreign filing entity will not be considered to be doing business in the District based on performing those actions outlined in DC Official Code 29-105.05.

To register to do business in the District, a foreign filing entity must deliver a foreign registration statement form FN-1 to the Superintendent for filing either by web, mail or walk-in.

Note: Walk-in Customers will be charged an expedited fee for one-day service in the amount of $100, in addition to regular filing fees.

Online Filing

Visit CorpOnline at corp.dcra.dc.gov, create a profile, access the online services main page (use Internet Explorer 8, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and proceed. Online filers must pay by credit card. Once the filing is submitted, print the last confirmation page for your records.

Reporting Requirement

Every domestic and foreign corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Partnership (effective 01/12), General and Limited Cooperative Association, Business Trust (effective 01/12) is required to file two-year reports with Corporations Division to maintain good standing within the District of Columbia.

  • First reports are due April 1 of the very next year from the year of registration. (Foreign entities might be liable for back reports if commenced business prior to registration)
  • Subsequent reports are due April 1 every two years thereafter.

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