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File Your Corporate Reports on Time

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Who needs to file this report?

All domestic (District) or foreign (non-District) filing entities that conduct business in the District of Columbia and that registered with Corporation Division.

Filing entity includes nonprofit and for-profit corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, general cooperative association, limited cooperative association, statutory trust and general partnership.

When should this report be filed?

The 1st biennial report shall be delivered for filing by April 1 of the year following the calendar year in which the domestic filing entity was formed or the foreign filing entity registered to do business in the District. Subsequent biennial reports shall be delivered by April 1st of each 2nd calendar year thereafter.

Existing domestic filing entities and qualified foreign entities should file subsequent reports every two years from the year of the last report filed.

Reporting Requirement

Every domestic and foreign corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Partnership (effective 01/12), General and Limited Cooperative Association, Business Trust (effective 01/12) is required to file two-year reports with Corporations Division to maintain good standing within the District of Columbia.

First reports are due April 1st  of the very next year from the year of registration.  (Foreign entities might be liable for back reports if commenced business prior to registration)
Subsequent reports are due April 1st every two years thereafter.

What are the filing fees?

Refer to Corporate Fee Schedule posted online.

What are the late fees and/or penalties for not filing on time?

Refer to Corporate Fee Schedule posted online. Late fees will be accesses to all filers that file after April 1st. Refer to specific corporate entity type under fee schedule to determine the fee amount.

Do I have to file this report even if I do not get notice from Corporations Division?

Failure to receive a report form does not relieve a domestic or foreign filing entity of the responsibility to file and pay on time.

How can I file this biannual report?

This report form can be filed online.

Online Filing

Go to CorpOnline, create a profile, access the online services main page (use Internet Explorer 8, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and proceed. Online filers must pay by credit card. Once filing is submitted, print the last confirmation page for your records.

This report can also be filed in person by visiting Business License Center at 1100 4th St., SW, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20024. Please note that walk-in customers will be assessed expedited fee for same day service. Refer to fee schedule for more information.

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