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On June 18, 2013 DC City Council passed Vending Regulations- Chapter 5 of Title 24 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR) – Effective October 1, 2013- Vending- Selling goods and services exclusively from the public space and for the immediate delivery upon purchase. Food trucks, Hot dog carts, sidewalk merchandise vendors, ice cream trucks, etc.


Classes of Vendor

Class A Licenses
A Class A Vending Business License shall authorize a person to vend food, other than food prohibited from public or private space provided, that the vendor holds any food licenses and certificates required under subtitle A (Food and Food Operations) of Title 25 of the DCMR;

Class B Licenses 
A Class B Vending Business License shall authorize a person to vend merchandise, other than food and merchandise prohibited from public space. For the purposes of this subsection, the term “merchandise” shall include non-hazardous and non-controlled cut flowers, dried flowers and potted plants;

Class C Licenses
A Class C Vending Business License shall authorize a person to manage public markets on public or private space for the sale of agricultural goods and other farm products, or other food as designated by the DOH Director, and other non-food merchandise or services as designated by the DCRA Director; and

Class D Licenses
A Class D Vending Business License shall authorize a person to vend services from public space. Class D Vending includes street photography.


Types of Vendors

Vending Licenses Fact Sheet[PDF]
Certificate of Clean Hands Form
View forms and other related documents below.

  • Sidewalk- Vending Carts and Vending Stands-

Vendors operating at approved locations on the sidewalks of the District. Sidewalk vendors may only vend from the locations approved by their vending site permit(s). Approved in the Central Vending Zone and Neighborhood Zones.

  • Mobile Roadway- Vending Vehicles-

Vendors may park at legal parking spaces and pay meter fees in accordance with their Mobile Site Permits.


Mobile Vendors may vend from designated MRV locations assigned to each vendor as part of a monthly lottery.

Mobile Roadway vendors operating outside of designated MRV locations may not vend in areas designated in 535, or within 200 feet of a designated MRV location.

  • Stationary Roadway- Vending Vehicles-

Vendors may only vend from Stationary Roadway locations assigned to them by monthly lottery, around the National Mall.

  • Ice Cream Vendors- Vending Vehicles-

Vendors allowed to operate throughout the city; can pull over for customers, make sales, and leave.

  • Class C Public Market Vendors licenses-

Holders of Class C vendors license serve as the public market manager. The Public Market Managers shall be responsible for all market vendors complying with DC vending requirements.

At all times when a public market is in operation, the Public Market Manager or a vendor employee must be on site.


Vending Business License Application- All Vendors

All applicants for a Vending Business License must complete a Vending Business License application, remit the associated payment, and submit the required supporting documentation.


Vending Fees

Vendors Licenses Fee Term
Class A vendor $476 2 Years
Class B vendor $408 2 Years
Class C vendor $433 2 Years
Class D Vendor $337 2 Years
Vendor Employee Identification $55 2 Years


Site Permits (Required for all Class A, B, and D vendors) Fee Term
Sidewalk Vending Site Permit $1200 2 Years
Mobile Roadway Vending Site Permit $600 2 Years
Stationary Roadway Vending site Permit (National Mall) (lottery) $450 Monthly
Nationals Stadium Vending site (lottery) $125 Monthly
Designated MRV Location Site Permit (lottery) $150 Monthly
MRV location lottery entry fee $25 Monthly


Approved Neighborhood Vending Zones

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