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Register a Domestic Entity

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Special notice:

Due to unanticipated delays with sending out some of our biennial report notices, DCRA’s Corporations Division will extend the deadline for all report filers until May 1st 2015. All customers can file biennial reports without incurring late fees on or before May 1st. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Should you have any questions, please, contact the Corporations Division at 202-442-4432.


Register a Domestic Entity

DCRA’s Superintendent of Corporations heads Corporations Division that acts as of the Office of Corporate Registrar for the District of Columbia. To form a domestic filing entity appropriate form and fee must be paid and filed with DCRA’s Superintendent of Corporations. Corporations division forms all filing entities in the District of Columbia.

The definition of filing entity includes the following organizational types:

1-for-profit corporation including professional and benefit corporation;

2-nonprofit corporation;

3- limited liability company;

4-limited cooperative association;

5-general cooperative association;

6- limited partnership including limited liability limited partnership;

7- limited liability partnership;

8-business statutory trust.

If your entity has been registered as one of the organization types above outside of the District of Columbia, please refer to “Register a Foreign entity” link below for relevant information.

To get more information on the differences between entity types, please visit the “Choose a corporate structure” link.

To get more detailed information on any particular entity type, please visit the appropriate link below.


Online Filing

Go to CorpOnline, create a profile, access the online services main page (use Internet Explorer 8 or higher version or latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and proceed. Online filers must pay by credit card.

The following online services are available for Corporate Filings:

Online formation of all domestic filing entities (LLCs, for-profit and nonprofit corporations, limited and limited liability partnerships, general and limited cooperative associations and business trusts)

  1. Online registration of all foreign filing entities
  2. Online filing of required biennial reports for all domestic and foreign filing entities
  3. Online domestic name reservations and foreign name registrations
  4. Online trade name registrations for all filing entities and sole proprietors (general partnerships and other non filing entities).
  5. Online good standing certificate requests for all foreign and domestic filing entities
  6. Online request for certified copy of corporate filing for all filing entities
  7. Online search by name or file number or registered agent's name of all registered entities with expanded entity information to include report and trade name history
  8. Online filing for withdrawal for all foreign filing entities
  9. Online dissolution for domestic nonprofit corporations, for-profit corporations and limited liability companies
  10. Online statements of change for registered agents for nonprofit and for-profit filing entities
  11. Online amended registration statements for all foreign filing entities
  12. Online articles of amendment for domestic limited liability companies
  13.  Online articles of amendment for domestic nonprofit corporations
  14. Online articles of amendments for domestic for-profit corporations
  15. Online reinstatements and back report filings form bra-25 for all domestic for-profit and nonprofit entities
  16. Online reinstatements and back report filings form bra-25 for all foreign for-profit and nonprofit entities

Reporting Requirement

Every domestic and foreign corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Partnership, General and Limited Cooperative Association, Business Trust is required to file two-year reports with Corporations Division to maintain good standing within the District of Columbia.

  • First reports are due April 1 of the very next year from the year of registration.
  • Foreign entities might be liable for back reports if commenced business prior to registration.
  • Subsequent reports are due April 1 every two years thereafter.

2015 List of All Entities Required to File Biennial Report


Revocation Information

All domestic and foreign filing entities that do not file mandatory biennial report for any given reporting period and/or maintain the registered agent with DCRA’s Corporation division are subject to revocation of their registration.

This revocation takes place by Superintendent of Corporations of DCRA pursuant to D.C. Code § 29-105.11 & 29-106.02.

All domestic entities are subject to administrative dissolution and all foreign entities are subject to have their registration canceled in the District of Columbia. Entities that were subject to revocation may not continue to conduct their business except for the purpose of “winding down” (closing out the business). If entity wishes to continue conducting its business it must reinstate immediately. Conducting business in revoked status may subject the entity to potential civil infractions and other penalties. Revocation takes place 1st business day of September of any given year.

For 2014 filing period, revocation has taken place as of September 4th 2014. Attached is the 2014 Entity Revocation File.

This list may not be all inclusive. Since the publication of the list some of the entities may have reinstated. To check the current status of the entity, please, access Corporations division web portal at https://corp.dcra.dc.gov or contact division.

For more information including how to reinstate your filing entity, please, contact Corporations Division at 202-442-4432.


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Domestic Limited Liability Partnership

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