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Information on how to apply for a Basic Business License (BBL) in the District.

Appeals to Stop Work Order
building with open structures

If you are issued a Stop Work Order for illegal construction, you will also have to pay a fine of 50 percent of the cost of the permit you should have obtained.

Applicable DC Construction Codes
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The DC Construction Codes specify the minimum acceptable level of safety for constructed objects such as buildings and non-building structures.

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You may apply for a BBL and pay with a major credit/debit card via the Basic Business Online Application Submission and Issuance System (OSUB).

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Boiler Permit Graphic

To add, replace, remodel or repair fuel-burning or unfired pressure vessel equipment such as furnaces or boilers, you must apply for a boiler permit.

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DC requires every assembly occupancy shall have the occupancy load of the room or space posted in a conspicuous place.

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Corporations Division of Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs can provide general information including corporate registration requirements.

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To obtain the permits you need to sell Christmas trees during the holiday season, please read the following instructions carefully.

Condo Records

The Office of the Surveyor records Plats and Plans of Condominiums in the District of Columbia. The documents are drawn and certified by engineers, architects and surveyors licensed in the District of Columbia. The Surveyor’s Office does not produce these plats and plans, only records them.

Board, Construction Codes Coordinating

In March 2009, the Mayor established the Construction Codes Coordinating Board (CCCB) to replace the Building Code Advisory Committee (BCAC).

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The Corporations Division registers all entities, domestic (DC) or foreign (non-District) that conduct business in the District of Columbia.

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If you would like to operate in the District of Columbia as a general partnership (GP), you are not required to register with Superintendent of Corporations of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

Doing business in DC
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A foreign filing entity may not do business in the District until it registers with the Superintendent of Corporations of DCRA.

Corporate Payment & Mailing Information, DCRA
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If you are submitting forms and payment at DCRA, you can pay with cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard), money order, or check at the Cashier's Office located conveniently in the the Business Licensing Center on 2nd Floor at 1100 4th Street, SW.

Corporate Registration, Registered Agent
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An agent of an entity which is authorized to receive service of any process, notice, or demand required or permitted by law to be served on the entity.

Corporate Registration, Sole Proprietor
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Sole Proprietorship is an unincorporated business. Liability is unlimited and owner can be required to take personal assets to pay debts.

Corporate Registration, Domestic General Cooperative Association
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Under the provisions of the District of Columbia Business Organizations Act (D.C. Code Title 29) customers can register domestic general cooperative associations.

Customer Support

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Determine Whether to Register a Building

The following questions will help you to determine whether you need to register a building you own as occupied, under construction, vacant or exempt from registration.

Directory of All Basic Business License Categories
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Please click on the link applicable to your business activity to access a fact sheet, which include instructions and required forms.