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Accessing the Citizen Access Portal

All users need an Access DC account to sign in to the DCRA Citizen Access Portal and will be greeted by a sign-in screen like the one below when trying to access the Citizen Access Portal.

AccessDC login screen

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Sign in for existing DCRA Citizen Portal users

  • If you don’t have an Access DC account, signing up for an account is easy. Simply visit Access DC, click the sign up link, and set your Access DC email (username) to the email associated with your DCRA Citizen Access Portal account. See the Note below if you do not remember your email address associated with your Citizen Access Portal account. You may use a different password for your Access DC account.
  • If you already have an Access DC account and the email (username) is the same as the email associated with your DCRA Citizen Portal account, you will be able to sign-in and immediately access your historical account information. Email [email protected] if your emails don’t match.


Step 1 – Select Sign up

Sign in for new DCRA Citizen Portal users

Note: You will be prompted to provide initial account information at first sign in.