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DCRA Divisions

DCRA protects the health, safety, economic interests and quality of life of residents, business, and visitors in the District of Columbia by issuing licenses and permits, conducting inspections, enforcing building, housing, and safety codes, regulating land use and development, and providing consumer education and advocacy services.  DCRA consist of six (6) Agency Divisions listed below:


Business and Professional Licensing Administration (BPLA)
BPLA consist of eight (8) divisions: Business Licensing, Corporations, Consumer Protection, Professional Licensing, Regulatory Investigations, Small Business Resource Center, Vending & Special Events, and Weights & Measures.


Inspection & Compliance
Inspection and Compliance Division conducts Construction Inspections, Housing Code Inspections, Illegal Construction Investigations and also certifies Third Party Inspections Agencies to conduct construction inspections on our behalf.




Permit Operations Division
The Permits Operations Division is responsible for reviewing applications for and issuing Building Permits, Postcard Permits, Supplemental Permits, Certificates of Occupancy, and Home Occupation Permits.



Regulatory Enforcement Administration
The Enforcement Administration’s mission is to identify and account for unoccupied property, conduct inspections of residential housing complaints that violate DC Housing code regulation.




To ensure the health, safety, and welfare of its residents is protected, people who work in certain occupations and professions to obtain a license to practice



Zoning Administration
The Zoning Administrator reviews applications for conformance with DC Zoning Regulations, under Title 11 DCMR, including.