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Registrations for FY19 Weights and Measures are now closed. Online portal to accept FY20 registrations will open on August 15, 2019.

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DCRA Programs & Initiatives

The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs provides several Programs & Initiatives for the District of Columbia.  Take a look at the Programs & Initiatives available to you below:


National Capitol Region Building Code Academy (NCRBCA)
The NCRBCA provides local high quality structured training and educational opportunities for building code enforcement officials.


New University and College Off-Campus Rental Property Resources
The DCRA University Off-Campus Housing Initiative ensures that student off-campus housing is safe for District students is a priority for the District of Columbia.


Green Building Program
The Green Build Program is responsible for regulating construction in the District that falls under the regulations of the Green Building Act, Green Construction Code and Energy Conservation Code.


Pre-Apprenticeship Program
The Pre-Apprenticeship Program provides specific building code compliance training instruction to junior and senior high school students in basic code fundamentals of the International Code Council (ICC) Certificate.


Predictable Permitting
Whether obtaining a permit or submitting plans, the Safe and Simple Predictable Permitting initiatives were designed to simplify and enhance the DCRA permitting experience.


Proactive Inspection Program
Register your apartment complex and pay your Proactive Inspection Fees ONLINE.



Safe & Simple Initiative
DCRA’s Safe & Simple initiative is aimed at improving the way we serve District residents and businesses.



Synthetic Drug Enforcement
The Synthetic Drug Enforcement is aimed at preventing the sale of synthetic drugs in the District of Columbia.  The law is authorized to take swifter and stronger action against businesses who sell illegal products.  


Velocity Program

NEW!  Velocity: Fast-Track Permit Review
The Velocity Service and Expedition Service are two optional fast-track plan review programs offered by the District of Columbia’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA).



DCRA Workshops & Training
Check out the many Workshops and available training.  Sign up today!