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Plans Request Process

District law requires that Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs  (DCRA provide building plans to residents without requiring a Freedom of Information Act request.  DCRA is actively working with its Office of Information Systems to build an online system capable of meeting this requirement, where residents will be able to obtain copies of plans electronically.  Although we are excited about the progress of this online system, completing the project involves several steps and will take more than a year to complete. 

Until the new system is available, DCRA will make building plans available in a few different ways. The way to obtain plans in each scenario is outlined below.

1.       Plans that DCRA has available electronically:  If DCRA has an available electronic copy of the plans, the agency can provide them to you in the following ways:

a.       On a flash drive, if the customer provides it;

b.      On a CD for no charge;

c.       In hard copy on 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 paper; or

d.      Provide the plans to an approved supplier, which can provide larger copies to you for a fee.*

2.       Plans that are onsite but are not available electronically:  If the requested plans are not available electronically, the agency will provide a list of approved companies, who can provide copies of the plans for a fee.* 

3.       Plans that are no longer on site:  If the requested plans are no longer on site, DCRA will need to request that they are located and sent from off-site archives.  That process can take a few weeks.  Once the plans arrive at the agency, DCRA will provide a list of approved companies, who can provide copies of the plans for a fee.* 

*Prior to ordering copies through a third-party vendor for copies, individuals may make an appointment with DCRA’s Records Room to review copies of the plans in person.  To reach Records Room, please call 202-442-4480.