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Zoning Documents

What We Do

The Zoning Administrator reviews applications for conformance with DC Zoning Regulations, under Title 11 DCMR, including:

  • Building permit applications submitted to the Permit Center
  • Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) applications for allowable uses, occupancy load, verification of address, lot and square, and to determine whether inspections and building plans are required for C of O approval
  • Subdivision applications to ensure that they meet lot size, lot width and other requirements
  • Home Occupation Permit (HOP) applications for allowable uses, employee and customer visit limits, and verification of the type of dwelling to be used
  • The Zoning Administrator writes letters of denial, referring developers to the Board of Zoning Adjustment and the Zoning Commission if they want to seek special exceptions or zoning variances to the Administrator’s rulings
  • The Office of the Zoning Administrator is offering interpretive guidance of Subtitle A, Section 102 to inform the public about the applicable "vesting", also called "grandfathering", rules found in ZR16 to assist with the transition from the old (1958 Zoning Regulations) to the new zoning code (ZR16), Vesting Guidance.

The Office of the Zoning Administrator also provides these services:

  • Zoning compliance letters, to answer questions about zoning district and zoning regulation compliance information on a specific property
  • General zoning information, such as which zone a property is in
  • Preliminary Design Review Meetings (PDRMs) for developers or property owners who want to know how zoning applies to a proposed project prior to a building permit application submittal (fee applies)
  • Zoning information on a specific property for homeowners, through the Homeowners Center


Zoning Services

Certificate of Occupancy

The purpose of the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is to ensure that the use of building, structure or land in the District of Columbia conforms to the Zoning Regulations, DCMR Title 11, and to the provisions of the DC Building Code, DCMR Title 12A. In most cases, no person can use a building, structure or land in the District of Columbia for any purpose other than a single family dwelling until a valid C of O has been issued.

Certificate of Occupancy Documents:

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Home Occupancy Permit

This permit is required for operating a business from your home. (You must live in the District of Columbia and it must be your primary residence)

Home Occupation Permit

Subdivision Plat

Applicants must provide the lot and square number(s) and a sketch of the provided layout of the lot(s) for the location where the subdivision is needed. If the subdivisions involves a tax (for example: 800 series numbers) then a deed will be required.

Get a Get a Subdivision Plat

Get a Wall Check

Are you in compliance with District wall check requirements? Failure to comply with District wall check requirements may result in DCRA stopping the work on your project.

Get a Wall Check

Preliminary Design Review Meeting (PDRM)

Do you have a large-scale project, such as construction of a new residential or office building?  Let us help you today with a Preliminary Design Review Meeting (PDRM). 

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Report a Zoning Violation

When the OZA receives a complaint, the Zoning Enforcement Division will initially assess the validity of the complaint to ensure that it is zoning related.

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