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SurDocs, or Surveyor Document System, is Dc's online land records management system. The Office of the Surveyor maintains the legal records of all land plats and subdivisions of private and District government property. The existing records cover a period of more than two centuries.

SurDocs has over 10,000 electronic copies of original District land records stored and accessible for the public the search. Visit SurDocs to get started.

Two ways to search: Quick Search allows you to search for information about a specific lot. Advanced Search uses Book and Page references to accesst the Office of the Surveyor's records.

Enter a number for the selected land type (square, parcel, reservation or appropriation) or book type. Then, select a lot or page. Book is a selection that allows you to search for information in survey books, condo books, assessment and tax books, subdivision books, and/or county books. 

For more information on using SurDocs view the SurDocs User Manual.

View Land Records


Need a document printed? Visit DCRA’s Office of the Survetor at 1100 4th Street, SW, 3rd floor, Washington, DC 20024.

While this office no longer provides field survey services in the District of Columbia, we do provide a list of Registered DC Land Surveyors.

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