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Skip the Trip! Surveyor Documents Now Available at Your Fingertips.

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SurDocs, commonly known as Surveyor Document System, is the District of Columbia’s Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) land records management system. DCRA’s Office of the Surveyor maintains the legal records of all land plats and subdivisions of private and District government property within the District of Columbia. The existing records cover a period of more than two centuries.

SurDocs is an online research tool that enables the public to search all digital land surveys. This tool is used to view all field survey records and surveyor plats.

In the past, individuals were only able to access records by visiting DCRA’s Surveyors Office. Now people can skip the trip and find documents online without having to visit the agency. DCRA is one of very few municipalities that actually preserve field survey records. Having this service obliges the public’s desire to have easy access with a simple process. SurDocs has over 10,000 electronic copies of original district land records stored and accessible. Click here to get started.

The Quick Search and the Advanced Search are two types of searches conducted in the system. The Quick Search option allows anyone looking for information about a certain lot to search the system for that information. The Advanced Search option uses Book and Page references to access Surveyor’s Office records.

When you choose a search selection, you will either enter a number for the selected category of land type (square, parcel, reservation or appropriation) or book type. Once you have entered this number or book, it will prompt you through the system to select either a lot or page, depending upon the previous selection. When reviewing document types, the book is a selection that will allow anyone to search for information in survey books, condo books, assessment and tax books, subdivision books, and/or county books. This process ends with one having accessed the documents image for which the search was conducted. 

For more information on using SurDocs view the "SurDocs User Manual".

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Should you require a document to be printed, please visit DCRA’s Surveyor's Office at 1100 4th Street, SW, 3rd floor, Washington, DC 20024.

While this office no longer provides field survey services in the District of Columbia, we do provide a list of registered private surveyors.

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