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Get a Third-Party Inspection & Plan Review

Third-Party Inspection and Plan Review

In order to be approved to participate in the Third-Party Program, a Third-Party Agency must submit an application to DCRA, for review and/or approval. The application must identify the Professional-In-Charge and a list of inspectors and/or plan reviewers affiliated with the agency who will perform or supervise Third Party inspections and plan reviews. Refer to the Third-Party Program Procedural Manual for more information on the approval process. 

Approved Third-Party Agencies

Special Inspections

The 2018 DCRA Special Inspection Policy (SIP) Manual provides and coordinates the procedures for Special Inspections that are required by the DCRA-amended IBC. These procedures and guidelines are expected to be used during the design and permitting process and during construction. The purpose of the DCRA Special Inspection Policy is to increase awareness of the Special Inspection requirements and to have a uniform procedure applicable throughout the District. In addition, the procedure should help reduce the problems associated with authorizing and performing Special Inspections.

Special Inspections is the monitoring of certain materials critical to the integrity of the building structure. It is a specialized inspection of certain, complex construction work of the contractors and their employees to help ensure that the approved plans and specifications are being followed and that the relevant codes and referenced standards are being followed. The special inspection process is in addition to the inspections conducted by the Building Official and continuous or periodic observation by the Special Inspections Engineer of Record.

Refer to the Special Inspection Policy Manual for more information.

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