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Get a Raze Permit

Permit Description

This permit is required if nothing remains at the site except for a party wall and/or a foundation.

Submission Requirements

  1. Please review and complete the Raze Application Package.
  2. Certificate OF Insurance is required for covering the raze contractor unless the accessory building/structural is 500 square feet or less in area and no more than one story fully detached.
  3. Pictures of the existing structure.

Application Process

1.    Complete Areas 1-4 and Section A of the application and submit:
a.  Certification for Raze Permit Application must be notarized (Signed & Sealed by Public Notary)
b.  Current Certificate of Insurance – General Liability
c.  Environmental Intake Form (EIF)
d.  Photo(s) accurately depicting premises

2.    For residential property, DCRA staff will prepare and forward clearance letters to the Rent Administrator for review and approval.
3.    DCRA staff will prepare and give letters to the applicant for the Historic Preservation Review Board and/or the US Commission of Fine Arts, if applicable. The applicant must get the necessary approvals and submit them to the Permit Division.
4.    Payment of the Raze Permit fee is required. Fee calculation is based upon the volume of the structure in cubic feet times .02.
5.    DCRA staff will prepare and issue clearance letters to the applicant for these agency approvals/sign-offs: DCRA Plumbing Inspection DDOE Asbestos Abatement DDOE Soil Erosion Control DCRA Construction Inspection
6.    The applicant is responsible for submitting clearance letters to required agencies, paying any required fees to the agencies, getting written approvals, and returning the originals to DCRA. Clearance approved letters No older than 6 months
7.    Before DCRA will issue a Raze Permit, the building(s) must be unoccupied. If the building is still occupied, DCRA will accept and process the Permit Application, but will not issue the Permit until the applicant notifies the Permit Division that the building is vacant.
8.    After the applicant has provided all required approved clearance letters, vacated the property, and paid any additional fees as determined by the field inspection, DCRA will issue a Raze Permit granting the applicant the authority to raze the structure by the razing method specified in the Application. NOTE: DCRA will not issue any Raze Permits before the end of the applicable 30-day Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) notification period.
9.    Clearance approved Letters can't be older than 6 months and the DOH (Vector control) can't be older than 30 days



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