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Get Street or Alley Closure Approval


  1. Office of the Surveyor Application Form
  2. Written statement by abutting property owners in support of the application when filing for a closing without a public hearing using Form SA-1
  3. Letter that describes in detail the purpose and nature of the street or alley closing
  4. Sketch of the proposed closing
  5. $2,750.00 filing fee, made payable to the DC Treasurer, and a hearing fee of $1,287.00 (must be paid before hearing)
  6. Retail Tenant Displacement Form
  7. First Source Employment Agreement
  8. Six sets of the site development plan with a copy of the official street, grade, map or alley grade sheet for the particular street or alley to be closed, whenever the purpose is for the following:
    • Assembly of property for subsequent sale
    • Office building
    • Apartment house
    • Condominium
    • Multiple building site
    • Commercial utilization
    • Industrial utilization
    • Church affiliated use
    • Educational facility
    • Enhancement of parking


Application Process

  1. Go to Street and Alley Closure Form
  2. Complete all field, sign and submit
  3. Upload required documentation
    • A copy will be electronically sent to the Office of the Surveyor.
    • A receipt will be sent to the applicant for payment.
  4. Forward a copy of the paid receipt to office.surveyors@dc.gov for processing


Get Street or Alley Closure


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