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Childcare Permitting and Regulations

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education’s (OSSE) Access to Quality Child Care Expansion Grant (AQCCE), also known as A2Q Grant, provides capital and capacity building support for the expansion of new infant and toddler spaces in the District. The grant aims to increase the supply of child care services in the District for infants and toddlers by 1,000 new slots by September 2020.

Applicants must intend to expand their current space or open a new center to be considered an eligible grantee.

The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) has worked closely with OSSE to provide technical assistance to child development home and center operators navigating the regulatory and permitting process associated with establishing or expanding a childcare operation in the District.

Technical assistance offered to A2Q grantees includes site visits to review proposed Child Development Home (CDH) and Child Development Center (CDC) spaces for general regulatory compliance and verify written and graphic fire evacuation plans for CDHs. This presentation illustrates all the regulatory and permitting requirements that apply to CDHs. For CDCs and new CDHs, DCRA has instituted an expedited plan review service that is available to grantees.

If you have questions about the regulatory and permitting processes for childcare operations in the District, please contact Hillary Seybold at (202)899.3621, hillary.seybold@dc.gov, or visit her at Permit Center station #29 on the second floor of DCRA at 1100 4th St SW.

If you are interested in becoming an A2Q grantee and taking advantage of this technical assistance, please contact Rhonda McLaughlin of the OSSE HelpDesk at (202)478.5903. Ms. McLaughlin will instruct you on how to initiate your A2Q application then refer you to the A2Q grant program manager. The program manager will help you determine what awards you may receive based on the number of children you propose to add to your new or expanded child care program.

Childcare Permitting and Regulations: (Please have all documents searchable in a new file under the Document Management System Zoning tab, to be titled Childcare Permitting and Regulations. On the new webpage itself, please include the following list in hyperlink form if possible.)

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