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Report a Property

Need to report a property in the District of Columbia?  Choose from the services below when reporting activities regarding properties.

Report a Vacant Property

Vacant Building Enforcement schedules an initial four-point inspection of privately owned property  within 28 business days of the request to determine if the building/private property: (1) appears vacant (2) has excessive vegetation  (3) has graffiti and (4) is open and accessible. If the inspections provide convincing evidence that the property is vacant, a letter is sent to the owner of record.


Report a Vacant Property


Report a Noise Violation

DCRA is one of several agencies which enforce regulations regarding noise. DCRA's primary responsibility is for noise related to activity under its regulatory authority; the two primary being trash truck noise complaints and construction noise complaints.

Report Illegal Construction

Any construction in the District of Columbia done without required building permits is illegal construction. Construction in the District of Columbia is allowed Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm without any special permits. Please call 311 to report imminent danger of collapse conditions immediately.

Report Excessive Vegetation & Trash on Property

District Regulations (DCMR 14, Section 302 Exterior Property Areas) prohibits property owners – both commercial and residential – from allowing grass and weeds on their premises to grow more than 8 inches in height. Failing to adhere to the Law could lead to fines of $500 or more. All exterior property and premises must be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition.


Get More Information on Excessive Vegetation & Trash


Report a Zoning Violation

When the OZA receives a complaint, the Zoning Enforcement Division will initially assess the validity of the complaint to ensure that it is zoning related.


Report a Zoning Violations


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