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Shed Permit

Permit Description

Construction or renovation of a shed, to include garden and storage sheds.

Submission Requirements

  1. For construction of a new shed architectural plans and a surveyor’s plat are required. (For prefabricated sheds, dimensions from the manufacture can be provided)
  2. For repairs and minor replacements, pictures can be provided to detail the location of repairs or replacements.
  3. District Department of Transportation (DDOT) may be required to review based on the location of your shed (i.e. bordering a public alley)

Application Process

  1. If you are submitting and application for a one- or two-family residential project, please use the DCRA Permit Wizard. For all other projects, please click Apply for a Permit button below.
  2. Begin your permit application under the permit type of Shed Permit.
  3. Complete all required questions/fields (i.e. type of shed, whether it is detached and dimensions)


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