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Shop Drawings Application

Permit Description

Shop drawing applications must be accompanied with an issued building permit and submission requirements may vary depending on the scope of work. Shop drawings are submitted under the below permit applications.

  • Fire Alarm
  • Fire Suppression (Sprinkler Systems)

Submission Requirements

  1. Shop drawings are must be uploaded within the Drawings folder of ProjectDox.
  2. Please upload your plumbing sprinkler trade permit and building permit to the Supporting Documents folder.
  3. For fire alarm applications, please upload your electrical trade permit for the alarm devices.
  4. Applicants do have an option for an expedited review with the cost of an additional fee.

Application Process

  1. Begin your permit application under the permit type under the applicable permit type.
  2. Complete all required questions/fields (i.e. number of devices, expedited devices, existing and proposed uses of property)
  3. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive an email notification to upload your plans and supporting documents into ProjectDox to begin the plan review process.



Apply for a Permit


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