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Are there plats I can view or print?
Yes, visit SurDocs to view land records. You can search for records pertaining to your property if you know the lot and square number.

Can I pay for Surveyor Services online?
Yes. Please visit the DCRA website and go to the Citizen Access Portal and search for our services under the Building section. You may also search by invoice number.

What is a Lot?
A Lot is the land bounded by definite lines that, when occupied to be occupied by a building structure and accessory buildings, includes the open spaces required under DCMR Title 12. A Lot may or may not be the land as recorded in the records of the Office of the Surveyor.

What is a Record Lot?
A Record Lot is a lot recorded on a plat of subdivision in the Office of the Surveyor of the District of Columbia. The plat is also reviewed by zoning, historic preservation and the Office of Tax and Revenue.

What is a Tax Lot?
A Tax Lot is a lot created by the Office of Tax and Revenue for tax billing purposes. This lot is for assessment tax purposes only; it does not affect or change record lots.

What are Square and Lot Numbers?
The city is divided into sections and assigned a Square number. For example in downtown, each city block has a separate Square number. The individual properties within the Square are each assigned a Lot number.

How do you find your Square and Lot Numbers?
The Square and Lot numbers can be found in your deed. The Office of Tax and Revenue can obtain your Square and Lot Number using your address. You can also find this online at (D.C. Tax Payer Service Center).

What is a Building Plat?
A Building Plat is a scaled drawing of a lot, showing lot lines and record dimensions. The plat is certified by the DC Surveyor and is usually used to obtain a building permit. The drawing provided is a depiction of the lot only. Features related to acquiring a building permit will need to be added by a design professional or skilled consumer. A document is available to help explain how to add content to a Building Plat and thus transform it into a Plat for Permit. View more information about Building Plats.

What is a Plat for Permit?
A Plat for Permit is a Building Plat that has been prepared for submission for a Building Permit. This document will have the lot depicted by the Office of the Surveyor on the official Building Plat and will also contain the necessary design features added by the design professional or customer. All added content must be to scale.

What is the Approved Plat for Permit?
The Approved Plat for Permit is the Plat for Permit that has been reviewed by DCRA’s Permitting Division and Approved with the Building Permit. This document will have agency certifications on it and will also reference the Building Permit Number.

What is a Subdivision Plat?
Record Lots are created in the Office of the Surveyor by recording a Subdivision Plat if you want to change the configuration of a lot or lots. For example, if you own multiple lots and want to combine them into one lot, or if you own one large lot and want to subdivide it into several smaller lots. You also may need to convert your tax lot to a record lot for permit purposes. You can order a Subdivision Plat and have it recorded in our office.

What is a Wall Check?
A wall check is a survey done to locate new construction. Once you obtain a building permit and start constructing, a DCRA Building Inspector may require you to have a wall check to locate exactly where your new construction is on the lot. This is done to make sure your construction meets setback requirements, lot coverage restrictions, and to assure no encroachments exist.

Do you have surveys of my property showing the location of my house?
You can visit SurDocs to view land records. Search for records pertaining to your property if you know your lot and square number. The Office of the Surveyor does not record or keep any private surveys in its inventory such as Location Drawings or ALTA/NSPS surveys associated with transfers of title.

Do you have interior plans or plans used for the construction of my house?
No. The Office of the Surveyor only has land plats. The Office of Records Management would have plans for your house.

Can the Office of the Surveyor come out to locate my property lines?
No. The Office of the Surveyor does not do field surveys. You will need to hire a licensed survey company to perform a survey. We can provide you with a list of licensed survey companies who are registered with our office that you can use. Work done by a Registered D.C. Surveyor can be filed in the Office of the Surveyor where copies are available to the public.

What is a Site Per Sub Plat?
A Site Per Sub Plat (Site Per Subdivision) is a Building Plat that reflects what the lot(s) of a proposed subdivision will look like once the subdivision is recorded. It would not have a lot number included on the document and it is the same cost as any other building plats. These orders cannot be expedited.

What is an Approved Plat for Permit?
It is an Official D.C. Building Plat with the site features (existing and proposed) included that is reviewed and approved by the DCRA permitting department.

Still have questions? Please contact the Office of the Surveyor.