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Ordering a Building Plat Online

Please follow the instructions below to order a Building Plat online:

  1. Go to this Link: Online Building Plats
  2. Sign in or Register for an account:
    • Building_Plat_Ordering_Process1.jpg
  3. You are now on the Welcome Page (your shopping cart is empty). Go to the bottom and select “Request a Building Permit Shop Drawing”.
    • Building_Plat_Ordering_Process2.jpg
  4. This will take you to the Building Tab section. Please read and agree to the Terms and
    select “Continue Application”.
  5. The next page has many options, scroll down and select “Surveyors Request”.
    • Building_Plat_Ordering_Process3.jpg
  6. The next page requires you to select contact information from the existing or newly
    created account, select the option “Select from Account”.
  7. Next, select the appropriate contact information and then select “Continue Application”.
  8. Next, enter street address information for validation and then select from the options for
    the property of interest and select it.
    • Building_Plat_Ordering_Process4.jpg
    • Building_Plat_Ordering_Process5.jpg
  9. All fields will populate in the property address, scroll down and make additional selections. For Process a selection for Regular or Expedited can be chosen. For Delivery, only email is an option at this time. It must be selected. Below that the Square and Lot information (from previous page) must be added (each field must have 4 digits entered). The Surveyor’s Office only draws active lots located in the current Tax Database.
    • Building_Plat_Ordering_Process9.jpg
  10. Scroll to the bottom and select “Continue Application”.
  11. Next, review all information and select “Continue Application”.
    • Building_Plat_Ordering_Process7.jpg
  12. Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Check Out”
  13. Follow the payment instructions, pay and the order will be processed.