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Request a Zoning Compliance Letter

A Zoning Compliance Letter responds to questions about a property addresses’ zoning district, zoning violations, certificate of occupancy, or uses.

Request a Zoning Compliance Letter


What do I need to make the request?
An  Access DC account is needed to  submit requests for Zoning Compliance Letters. To learn more about creating an Access DC account, view Access DC. For more information about submitting your request for a Zoning Compliance Letter via Access DC, view Zoning FAQs.

Are there any fees for a Zoning Compliance Letter?

  1. $25 fee for existing use single lot request, plus a $2.50 service fee.
  2. $100 fee for existing use of multiple lots, split zone, or multi-residential use requests, plus a $10.00 service fee.

How long does it take to prepare a Zoning Compliance Letter?
Typically, 3 business days.  

Do I need a Zoning Compliance Letter or some other document or service?
Before submitting a Zoning Compliance Letter request, please view Zoning FAQs to understand the differences between a Zoning Compliance Letter, Zoning Determination Letter, Zoning Certification, and a Certification of Zoning


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