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Request a Zoning Compliance Letter

The Office of the Zoning Administrator (OZA) is pleased to announce an efficient  new process for requesting Zoning Compliance Letters.  As of Monday, August 10, 2020, customers may log in using their Access DC account and submit requests for Zoning Compliance Letters. This process allows applicants to conveniently make requests and pay fees online, and receive their Zoning Compliance Letter electronically within 3 (three) business days.  To learn more about creating an Access DC account, visit dcra.dc.gov/accessdc

Request must include:

  1. Name and address of the person making the request.
  2. Square and lot numbers of the property.
  3. Address of the property.

The fees associated with this process are as follows:

  1. $25 fee for existing use single lot request, plus a $2.50 service fee.
  2. $100 fee for existing use of multiple lots, split zone, or multi-residential use requests, plus a $10.00 service fee.

zoning compliance letter.png

Zoning Compliance Letter FAQs

Do I Need a Zoning Compliance Letter or a Certificate of Zoning?

There are often questions regarding Zoning Compliance Letters and Certificates of Zoning.  Before submitting a request, please read the information below to understand the difference between a Zoning Compliance Letter, which is issued by DCRA, and a Certificate of Zoning, , which is produced by the Office of Zoning (OZ).


What is a Zoning Compliance Letter?

A Zoning Compliance Letter responds to questions about a property addresses’ zoning district, zoning violations, certificate of occupancy, uses, etc.
A Zoning Compliance Letter is not a Zoning Determination letter. A Zoning Determination is generated following a Preliminary Design Review Meeting (PDRM). A PDRM provides applicants with an exploratory review of their building plans or development proposals prior to a formal submission of a building permit application, and allows for a deeper detailed discussion in an effort to answer questions about the project. There is a cost associated with PDRMs. The result of a PDRM memorializes a Zoning Determination Letter for the applicant, based on the proposed project and its compliance with the zoning regulations.


To request a PDRM, click here.

For more information or technical assistance, fill contact us via phone at 202-442-4400, via email by using our customer inquiry form or using our live chat available at dcra.dc.gov.

What is a Zoning Certification?

A Zoning Certification is also issued by the Office of the Zoning Administrator (OZA) to certify the zoning district and that the current use of a specified property is in compliance with the DC Zoning Regulations. These certifications are usually required in the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) process. To request a Zoning Certification fill out our customer intake form and include “Request for Zoning Certification” under the How Can We Help section.


What is a Certification of Zoning?

Developers, architects, lawyers, realtors, tax assessors, land owners, and others in the land-use business often require definitive authentication of zoning classification of property for due diligence purposes. A Certification of Zoning is used as a means of gaining official written recognition of zoning from the DC Government.
A Certification of Zoning can be obtained by submitting a request through the Office of Zoning (OZ) online system IZIS. The response will be provided within ten (10) business days.
Per OZ procedure, the request must include the following:


  1. Name and address of the person making the request.
  2. Square and lot numbers of the property.
  3. Address of the property.

This process also involves the following:

  1. $50 fee
  2. A PDF copy of a plat (no larger than 11" x 17") of the property, prepared by the DC Surveyor or an engineer licensed in the District of Columbia.

Please note that the Office of Zoning is a separate DC Government agency, not part of DCRA.  Contact the Office of Zoning at (202) 727-6311 or dcoz@dc.gov for further information.

How do I pay fees using my Access DC Account?

  1. Create your DCRA Access DC Account, or log in if you are a returning customer.
  2. On the Blue Menu Bar, Click the "My Records" tab, to populate your record history.
  3. Under the "Action" section, select the appropriate permit number that matches the address for your Zoning Compliance Letter request.
  4. Click "Pay Fees Due"
  5. Under the "Applicable Fees" section, click "Checkout" to pay fees (Credit or Debit Card payments only)
  6. Verify fee amount under the "PAY NOW" section and click "Checkout."
  7. Complete fields.
  8. Click "Submit Payment" to receive a payment receipt. Your Zoning Compliance Letter will automatically be e-mailed to you electronically once your request has been reviewed and accepted in the system.

How do I submit a Zoning Compliance Letter Request?

  1.  Create your AccessDC Account, or log in if you are a returning customer. Access the DCRA Accela Citizen Portal
  2.  One the top left, select "Building" located on the Menu Bar.
  3.  Under the "Building" tab, select " Request a Building Permit, Shop Drawing Approval, Register with Vacant Building Enforcement, and Survey Plat."
  4.  Review and select the checkbox to agree to the general disclaimer and click "Continue Application."
  5.  Under "Select a Service Type," choose Zoning Compliance Letter," and click Continue Application.
  6.  Follow the system's prompts and notifications to complete your request.

Note: Once your request is approved in the system, you will receive an e-mail notification with instructions on paying the fees. After the fees are paid, the system will automatically issue the letter and e-mail a PDF copy to the address provided. The option for paying fees in the customer portal will not be visible until DCRA has approved an applicant's request.

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