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Get a New Address

The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) creates and changes all official addresses in the District of Columbia. You need to complete the Application for New Address(es) if you would like to: 

  • Change an existing address
  • Add an address to an existing property
  • Correct an existing address
  • Create a new address for a property or subdivision
  • Create addresses for a two-family flat
  • Create a private street name

General Information

You should provide the street number you’re requesting if you have a preference. If you are requesting more than one address, please attach a sheet that lists each of them in the format shown on the application.

You can only request addresses for existing public or private streets. Any new public street must be approved by the DC Council.

Locate Your Property's Square and Lot

Your application will not be accepted if any fields are incomplete. You can find your square, suffix, and lot at PropertyQuest.dc.gov

What You Need to Attach to Application

Attach a detailed site plan, showing the new address location; the public or private street adjacent to the main entrance; 2 adjacent addresses, on either side of the lot; and all pertinent cross streets.

If you’re applying for individual addresses for a 2-family flat, attach a Certificate of Occupancy. You don’t need to attach a site plan.

Review Time

Application review takes 5-10 business days and an additional 15 days for any property that needs a site inspection.

Apply for New or Change of Address

New or Change of Address Application


Please submit completed applications and supporting documents to dcra.permits@dc.gov.

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