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CCCB Members

CCCB Members are appointed by the Mayor, except that the Chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia may appoint the one Council representative. At least one-half of the Board members must be residents of the District of Columbia, and the private citizen member must be a resident of the District of Columbia.

The Board shall be deemed to be constituted upon the appointment of nine (9) members.

Persons interested in being appointed to the CCCB should contact the Mayor’s Office of Talent and Appointments (MOTA).

  • Jill Abeshouse Stern , Chairperson (ex officio member)
  • David EpleyOffice of the Construction Code Official (DCRA)
  • Garret Whitescarver, Office of the Construction Code Official (DCRA)
  • Christopher Bailey, Office of the Construction Code Official (DCRA)
  • Tony Falwell, Office of the Fire Marshal
  • Matthew Borger, Mayoral Delegate
  • Vacant , Council of the District of Columbia Delegate
  • Casey StudhalterDistrict Department of the Environment 
  • Jason Wright , Building Industry-Commercial & Industrial 
  • Vacant , Building Industry-Residential & Multi-Family 
  • Marc Fetterman , Architectural Design Profession 
  • Armando M. Lourenco , Mechanical Engineering Profession 
  • Kellie Farster , Structural Engineering Profession 
  • Joel Causey, Private Citizen