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Corporations Biennial Report Forgiveness/Reinstatement Amnesty Program

What is the Biennial Report Forgiveness Program?
The Biennial Report Forgiveness Program allows entities who have been revoked for failure to file or pay for past due BRA-25 reports to reinstate their entity without being charged a fee for these past due reports. Only the reinstatement fee will need to be paid. This program runs from September 1 – September 30, 2021.
Who is eligible for this program?
Entities wishing to take advantage of the program will need to meet the following criteria:
  • The entity must have been terminated or administratively dissolved due to failure to file or pay for due BRA-25 Biennial Reports.
  • The entity must have fewer than 50 employees.
How do I apply for this program?
Customers will need to provide Corporations with the following information before September 30, 2021:
  • A completed BRA-25 Biennial Report for the year it was most recently due (2020 or 2021)
  • A completed GN-17 Reinstatement of Domestic & Foreign Filing Entity under Forgiveness Program
  • Payment of the reinstatement fee
Submitting Online:
  • Customers may file for reinstatement online but must first send a completed BRA-25 Biennial Report for the year it was most recently due (2020 or 2021) to [email protected], Attn: Corporations Report Forgiveness Program.
  • You will be notified when your BRA-25 has been filed and receive instructions on how to reinstate via the CorpOnline portal.
What are the fees?
  • The reinstatement fee for for-profit entities is $300.
  • The reinstatement fee for non-profit entities is $80.
  • While a BRA-25 Report must be provided, there is no fee for this filing.