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New University and College Off-Campus Rental Property Resources

this_is_illegal2.pngEnsuring that student off-campus housing is safe for District students is a priority for the District of Columbia. The objective of the DCRA University Off-Campus Housing Initiative is to ensure that all rental properties meet basic housing code requirement set by District of Columbia law. The initiative works with universities and owner/landlords to make certain that student rented properties are properly licensed and inspected. DCRA requires owners and landlords to meet District and federal housing health codes. These codes describe and specify guidelines that regulate emergency exits, fire extinguishers, notifications systems, operational heating systems, property maintenance, heating, plumbing, roofing, pests (such as rats, mice, or other pests) and structural matters such as walls, windows, basements and attics. This program was established to ensure that rental properties are deemed safe and habitable.