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Apply and Pay for Construction Permits Online

For one- and two-family residential projects, use the DCRA Permit Wizard online permit application.

For commercial projects, solar, demolition, raze and after-hours permits, use the Citizen Access Portal. CPI will allow applicants the ability to apply, pay and receive construction permits online.

Search for Digital Land Records (SurDocs)

SurDocs is an online research tool that enables the public to search all digital land surveys. This tool is used to view all field survey records and surveyor plats.

View Land Records


Permit Expediter Registration Form

If you operate as a professional Permit Expediter or Filing Representative in the District, you must be registered with DCRA. To register, complete the registration form below. The process is quick and simple. You will be required to use your assigned registration number to complete permit applications that you obtain on behalf another professional or property owner.

Check your Permit Application Status (SCOUT)

This system allows applicants to track their permit applications and placement in the queue for each review associated with their permit.

Check the status of a Permit Application


File Your Permit Drawings Online (ProjectDox)

ProjectDox is an online platform for electronic plan submission and plan review. This system allows the electronic submission of building plans and supporting documentation. ProjectDox eliminates the need for an applicant to submit multiple paper copies of project plans in conjunction with the DCRA building permit application.

File Your Permit Drawings Online (ProjectDox)


Look up Permits, Permit Plans and Applications

You can search and view any Building Permit, Building Permit Application, Invoice, Approved Building Permit, Building Plan, and NOW Certificate of Occupancy by using our DCRA eRecords Management System.

Access a Record (eRecords)


Verify a Residential Property


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