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DCRA Permit Wizard

DCRA is pleased to introduce the DCRA Permit Wizard, a new customer-friendly application that modernizes the way our customers start their residential building projects. It's intuitive, simple, and easy to use.

Using a wizard-based approach, customers are guided through a series of questions. In response, the Permit Wizard will:

  • Identify the permits needed for the entire project – customers no longer have to know permit types in advance;
  • Advise the customer of the estimated total cost of permits;
  • Inform the customer of anticipated plan reviews by DCRA and sister agencies, required documentation, anticipated inspections; and
  • Provide useful advisories and notifications about their property.

The Permit Wizard is faster, easier, more efficient, and available online for your convenience.

How to Apply for a Residential Permit:

  1. Select DCRA Permit Wizard on dcra.dc.gov and use your single sign-on, Access DC, account to log in efficiently and securely;
  2. Name the project, identify the professionals associated with the project, enter the project details; and
  3. Submit the application.

Information To Have Accessible When Using the Permit Wizard

To assist you in submitting your project application more quickly, please have the following materials and information ready before you begin your project application:

  • Your single sign-on, or Access DC, information
  • The professional license numbers for any building professionals working on your project. This may include:
    • Permit Expediters
    • Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects, and
    • Professional Engineers
  • Also, have business license numbers available for any general or home improvement contractors that you expect to complete work on the project.
  • Electronic copies of any drawings or plans that you have for your project.
  • Contracts with building or design professionals, and cost estimates associated with your project.

What Types of Projects May I Use the Permit Wizard For?


Use the Permit Wizard for all new residential building permit applications, including trade, solar, raze and demolition permits to the application for residential projects. The Permit Wizard has also been expanded to include trade permits for commercial projects if no building permits are required, or those projects for which building permits have already been obtained.

For now, all other commercial permit applications will be handled through the Citizen Access Portal.

Apply for a Permit Using the Permit Wizard

DCRA Permit Wizard