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Interpretation ZA-008: Driveway Widths and One-Way vs. Two-Way Circulation

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Zoning Administrator has interpreted, in regards to 11 DCMR C-711.6(a):

Within twenty feet (20 ft.) of all street lot lines, a driveway other than as described in Subtitle C § 711.5 shall be:

  1. At least twelve feet (12 ft.) wide for one-way traffic or twenty feet (20 ft.) wide for two-way traffic; and
  2. Not more than twenty-four feet (24 ft.) wide.

The minimum driveway width for one-way circulation is to be 12 feet, for which the code offers no criteria as to what is the minimum threshold of vehicle use to differentiate so as to when the 20 foot standard for two-way circulation is triggered. While this is not an issue for single family or flat uses, for other uses, when a question arises, applicants are to provide a private Traffic Engineer’s evaluation that the proposed driveway width serving the specified number of parking spaces is sufficient. Once provided, and the Traffic Engineer’s evaluation concludes that a one-way driveway is adequate, OZA can approve that design.