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Consumer Fraud Alert - Sweepstakes Scammers Who Claim to Be DCRA Officials

Monday, July 22, 2013
Scammers Targeting Elderly

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Please be advised that individuals claiming to be working for “Consumer Affairs,” or “Consumer and Regulatory Affairs,” are contacting the elderly and otherwise vulnerable, claiming that they have won a sweepstakes or lottery, and then convincing their victims to send money in order to “secure their winnings.” This is fraud. Do not give these individuals any money or any information about yourself or your finances.

These communications are occurring via letters and telephone calls, may be on fake DC Government letterhead, and may appear to come from a DC Government telephone number, however the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs does not have any anything to do with any lottery or sweepstakes, so do not be fooled!

No legitimate lottery requires you to put money down in advance. If you are being asked to give money or other personal information, it is fraud. Remember: never give money or financial information to anyone over the phone!

If you receive such a phone call, hang up and contact your local FBI Office immediately. You may also contact the DCRA Office of Consumer Protection, at (202) 442-8930, or via email at Hamilton.Kuralt@dc.gov.