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DCRA Launches ‘Scout,’ New Consolidated Data System

Monday, April 20, 2020



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As part of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs’ (DCRA) digital transformation, we’ve created Scout, a new online resource that allows users to find and track permits, licenses, inspections, enforcement actions, and regulatory information across the District all in one place. Think of it as one-stop-shopping for all the data you need. Users may search using a street address, business name, person’s name, permit, or license number.

This is the pilot version of Scout, so we encourage you to give it a try, and send us feedback so we can make the application better and better.

Why the change?
Until now, residents, businesses and government agencies had to use four different data systems to access information about properties and businesses in the District, which often created confusion.

Our new online application streamlines property and business data from the Property Information Verification System (PIVS) and three others (Q-tracker, BBLV and OBPAT) into one – improving the way you access essential District information.

What’s included in Scout?


How do I use Scout?
Simply visit the new Scout webpage, which includes instructions on how to create an account and login. All of the old URLs (PIVS, OBPAT, BBLV, and Q-tracker) will also redirect you to the Scout webpage. The new system requires a login account for security purposes and to prevent bots from slowing down the system.

We hope you will find Scout to be a helpful resource and an improvement on the previous system. To learn more about DCRA’s digital transformation, please visit our Vision 2020 website.