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Foundation Permit

Permit Description

A permit that allows construction of foundation up to grade. This permit is issued at the permit holders own risk without assurance that a permit for the entire structure will be granted.

Submission Requirements

  1. Copy of Proposed Architectural Drawing marked for Reference Only
  2. Copy of Proposed Structural Drawing marked for Reference Only
  3. Recent plat and complete plat information as required by section 106
  4. Complete Structural Drawings  Foundation to Grade
  5. Geotechnical Report
  6. Structural Calculation for the building and excerpts of design loads that have been employed to design the foundation systems.
  7. Statement of Special Inspection.
  8. Copy of Neighbor Notification and Proof of service, if applicable.
  9. Copy of Executed contract and/or formal Contractors estimate.

Application Process

Information coming soon.


Apply for a Permit

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