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Get a Building Plat

When you apply for a building permit to do exterior work on your property (such as building an addition or adding a deck), you must include a building plat – a plat map that includes drawings of all existing and proposed property improvements such as the house, the driveway, the deck you want to build, etc.

The plat should also show all trees that measure at least 4.5 feet above ground and have circumferences of 12 inches or more.

You may order a building plat in person from the Office of the Surveyor using the form below or online (instructions for online ordering are attached below).

You also have the option to skip the trip to our agency by emailing your building plat to the Surveyor’s Office for a certification signature. Follow the simple directions in the Building Plat Digital Certification Guide to receive a digital signature on your building plat to complete the approval process.

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