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Athlete Agents

DCRA is currently accepting renewal applications for occupational and professional licenses.

  • As of July 1, 2021, you may start submitting your renewal application online if your license reflects an expiration date during the COVID-19 pandemic. For licenses that expire October 31, 2021 or later, renewal notices will be sent at a later date.
  • You are strongly encouraged to renew early to ensure that renewal is completed before enforcement begins.
  • All occupational and professional licenses are issued biennially, with the exception of Special Police Officers, whose licenses are issued annually. Licenses that expire October 31, 2021 or later may be renewed as per their usual renewal cycles. Note: if your license reflects an expiration date of 2022, no renewal action is required until 2022 when you may renew beginning 90 days before your current license expires. 

General Information

The District of Columbia manages the licensure of Athlete Agents within the District, and protects agents and consumers by upholding the District of Columbia Athlete Agents license law.


Apply for license

To apply for a professional license, please email opla.athleteagent@dc.gov.


Items Needed for Application

  • One 2”x2” passport-style photo (.jpeg format)
  • Un-expired government-issued ID (e.g., driver’s license)*
  • Debit or credit card to pay application, exam, or license fees


Initial Athlete Agent Application


Applicant needs to list proof or a description of the following:

  • Applicant's formal training as an Athlete Agent.
  • Can be listed in a resume format.


  • Applicant's educational background relating to the applicant's activities as an Athlete Agent


  • Applicant's practical experience as an Athlete Agent



Athlete Agents

  • Initial Registration – $400.00  
  • Renewal of Registration – $400.00  
  • Application based upon initial application of another State – $400.00
  • Application based upon a renewal application of another State – $400.00
  • Application fee to be included with the registration fees – $100.00

Refund Request


License Renewal
Expiration Date: May 31; Renewal Year: Even
Letter of Certification/License Verification
Request a Letter of License Certification


Search for an Occupational or Professional License
Search for an Occupational or Professional License

File a Complaint or Issue
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Contact Us

Board Members

Sheldon "Skip" Brown – Administrator

For more information, please contact DCRA’s Occupational and Professional Licensing Administration using our online inquiry form, via email at dcra@dc.gov, by phone at (202) 442-4320.

Address: 1100 4th Street, SW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20024
Direct Email: opla.athleteagent@dc.gov