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Introducing Dispatch, DCRA’s New Inspections-On-Demand System

In our fast-paced world, we recognize that your time is valuable. To help ease the process of requesting an inspection, improve our response times, and keep customers informed in real time, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) is launching Dispatch, our new inspections-on-demand system.

Now, when a customer submits a request for an inspection using the inspection request forms available on dcra.dc.gov, an inspection is automatically scheduled. Dispatch then:

  • Issues a confirmation of the request, including a reference number, directly to the customer,
  • Confirms the date and window of time when the inspection will occur and provides the name of the inspector to the customer,
  • Includes a link, which when opened, provides the current status of the inspection, and
  • Provides automated updates to the customer when an attempt to inspect is unsuccessful, needs to be rescheduled or is completed.

Using Dispatch, inspections may be requested for housing code or property maintenance issues – including structural concerns, for possible illegal construction, to meet the requirements for Basic Business License issuance, and to confirm the status of a vacant or blighted property.

While available on the dcra.dc.gov home page, customers may request inspections below:

Dispatch is the latest in a series of innovative projects launched by DCRA to improve responsiveness, extend greater access, and increase transparency to our customers. Other products that are transforming the way DCRA provides government services include the recently launched Tertius inspection marketplace platform, the Permit Wizard construction permitting application, and the Contractor Rating System.