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Inspection Training Program


In May, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) launched a series of efforts to strengthen consumer protection by streamlining its housing code compliance and enforcement activities. Housing inspectors began using a mobile app and iPads to conduct inspections with real time access to critical information.

A pilot program for residents to become certified inspectors is currently in development, which will allow participants to earn extra income while helping the agency keep pace with the demand for inspections. Learn more below. Interested in participating? Complete the interest form here.

Inspection Program FAQs

Why do we need more inspectors?
The District of Columbia has been growing at record pace and so has the demand for required inspections by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). Currently, there are 68 inspectors and the forecast for demand is approaching 150,000 inspections per year. DCRA is embracing an alternative solution that will decrease the wait in scheduling an inspection and provide job opportunities for District residents.

Am I eligible to be an inspector?
To be eligible you must be 18 years or older. A basic background check may be required and will vary depending on the type of inspection.  District residency is preferred.

What types of inspection positions are available?

  • Vacant Properties
  • Housing (Property Maintenance)
  • Illegal Construction
  • Construction
  • Licensing

What are the qualifications to become an inspector?


Entry Requirements



Pay per Inspection

Vacant Properties

High School Degree/GED

  • Two, 6-hour - Saturday Classes and Field Training
  • Three Supervised Field Inspections
  • DCRA Exam



Housing Inspections

High School Degree/GED

  • Three, 6-hour - Saturday Classes and Field Training
  • ICC Exam
  • Three Supervised Field Inspections
  • DCRA Exam

ICC Exam $205


Illegal Construction

High School Degree/GED

  • Five, 6-hour - Saturday Classes
  • Three Supervised Field Inspections
  • DCRA Exam



Construction Inspections

High School Degree/GED

ICC Certifications

  • Three, 6-hour - Saturday Classes
  • ICC Exam
  • Three Supervised Field Inspections
  • DCRA Exam


Paid by Customer- Rates Vary


High School Degree/GED

  • Three, 6-hour – Saturday Classes
  • DCRA Exam>



Do I have to be trained to be an inspector?
Training is required and offered through DCRA. Certain inspection types will require additional training and exams at a cost.

How much training is needed to be an inspector?
Training requirements vary depending on the inspection type and complexity of the inspection. You can train and qualify to be an inspector in as little as 18 hours.

Does the training cost anything?
Training is free and provided by DCRA. Costs may include the purchase of a tablet/PC and required ICC certifications.

How much can I make as an inspector?  
Inspectors will be paid per inspection. Payment varies from $30 to $300 depending on the complexity and type of inspection. Payment will be made through a booking system.

Can I work flexible hours?
Inspectors will be able to create their own schedules.

Do I need insurance to be an inspector?
Yes, inspectors will be required to have insurance. We are evaluating insurance options for this marketplace.

Are resident inspectors eligible to become DCRA inspectors?
Yes, resident inspectors may apply for open DCRA inspector positions.

How will DCRA monitor inspectors and ensure that they perform quality inspections?
DCRA has had a supplemental inspectors’ program for years. We will ensure that each inspector is trained and approved by DCRA and/or the International Code Council (ICC). Performance of inspectors will be monitored by DCRA. Inspectors will also undergo a background check for certain types of inspections and will be required to comply with ethics and conflict of interest rules.

How will this all work?
Once certified, inspectors can be included in DCRA’s inspector pool. DCRA will connect residents with qualified and certified inspectors in their area through a booking system that will be closely monitored by DCRA to ensure quality assurance. The booking system will assign inspectors to a service request based on availability, location, prior ratings, and other relevant factors.

When will this program start?
Training will begin in July 2019. We are targeting implementation of this pilot program for the fall of 2019.

How can I get more information?
Sign up here for more information.

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