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Basic Business License Inspection for Rental Properties

In order to obtain or renew a Basic Business License as a rental property provider, landlords must obtain and pass an inspection if one has not been obtained previously.

Boiler Inspection Information

Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels in the District of Columbia need to be inspected at least once a year. The annual inspections can be conducted by DCRA Inspectors or by Boiler Insurance Companies licensed by the District of Columbia. You can request an inspection by calling (202) 442-9557.

Construction Inspections

If you need an inspection of completed work you did under structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire protection, elevator, or boiler permits, or you need a zoning inspection, please call (202) 442-9557.

Conveyance Inspections

No elevator or conveying system, including, but not limited to, escalators, dumbwaiters, wheelchair lifts, cartveyors, manlifts and moving walks, shall be operated without a valid certificate of inspection issued by the code official.


Elevator Inspections

The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs conducts inspections of all elevators in the District. The District of Columbia requires that an owner of a conveyance that is in public use have a valid Certificate of Inspection issued by DCRA in order to operate that conveyance in accordance with DC law.

Housing and Property Maintenance

The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) supports a thriving community of residents, businesses, and visitors through diligent protection of health and safety and equitable administration of regulation and compliance in the District. It is the mission of the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) to ensure your building and your unit is healthy and safe.

Illegal Construction Inspections

Any construction in the District of Columbia done without required building permits is illegal construction. Construction in the District of Columbia is allowed Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm without any special permits. Please call 311 to report imminent danger of collapse conditions immediately.

Proactive Inspections

The Proactive Inspection Program is designed to promote safety and ensure all multi-family rental buildings in the District of Columbia meet residential property maintenance and building codes.

Third Party Inspections

In order to be approved to participate in the Third Party Program, a Third Party Agency must submit an application to DCRA, for review and/or approval. The application must identify the Professional-In-Charge and a list of inspectors and/or plan reviewers affiliated with the agency who will perform or supervise Third Party inspections and plan reviews. Refer to the Third Party Program Manual for more information on the approval process. 

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