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Certificates of Use

Permit Description

This permit is required when occupying the public sidewalk for your eating establishment and must be accompanied with an approved DDOT sidewalk café permit. This permit must be renewed annually.

Submission Requirements

  1. Ensure that all public space rentals fees are up to date. You can contact the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to confirm your status as well as the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR).
  2. Approved DDOT sidewalk café permit.
  3. Current Certificate of Occupancy, confirming the use.
  4. Prior Certificate of Use, if renewing.
  5. Up to date Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Application Process

  1. Please submit your application and all supporting documents to coapp@dc.gov with the subject line of your submission as "CU – [Property Address for the CU]" for review and approval. Please allow one (1) business day for approval.
  2. PDF Certificate of Use Application

Certificates of Use Extended During the Public Health Emergency

To assist businesses in taking advantage of the Streatery Winter Ready Grant Program, any Certificate of Use that expires during the public health emergency will be considered valid, and people will have until 45 days after the declared emergency is over to renew their Certificate of Use.  Please note that renewals can be done online at any time.

For more information on the program, visit mayor.dc.gov.


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