In observance of the Independence Day holiday, DCRA will be closed and no construction will be allowed on Monday, July 4, 2022 without an after-hours permit. You may report illegal construction by submitting an Illegal Construction Inspection Request Form during normal business hours or calling 311.

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Consumer Protection

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File a Complaint about a Business

Have a complaint about a business? Didn’t get what you paid for? We want to hear from you. DCRA can open investigations where losses total $250 or more, or there is a pattern or practice of abuse.  Be sure to file your complaint within three years of the incident.

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Report An Unlicensed Rental

Let us know if you believe that a residential rental property is operating without the proper license.

Report an Unlicensed Rental


File or Track a Complaint with Professional Licensing

Whether buying a home or hiring a home improvement contractor, it is important to help ensure consumers work with licensed professionals, to prevent fraud or poor workmanship. Please remember, a contractor having a professional license does not guarantee that the contractor will be punctual, courteous or industrious. Do your research when choosing a licensed professional. Request references and check their online reviews.

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File a Complaint with Weights & Measures

Ensure that the scales are accurate when weighing foods in your local grocery store, etc.  Learn how you can protect yourself as a Consumer in the District of Columbia.

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File a Zoning Complaint

The Office of the Zoning Administrator (OZA) enforces the provisions of the D.C. Zoning Ordinances (“zoning regulations”). If you have a complaint please Submit a Zoning Complaint Online .  If you have any questions please contact OZA at (202) 442-4576.

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Submit a Complaint for Trash Truck Noise

Trash collection by private haulers is prohibited between the hours of 9 pm and 7 am in residential, special purpose, or waterfront zones, or within 300 feet of any of these zones.

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Verify a Basic Business License

Check to see if a business entity has active license(s). You can search by business name, license number or address. Then select “Licenses” and “Business Licenses” to view details.

Verify a Business License


File a Complaint for Use of a Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

The use of a gas-powered leaf blower is prohibited in the District of Columbia.

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