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Rental Housing Business


  • Apartment
  • One Family Rental
  • Two Family Rental


One-Family Rental
One-family rental, which shall include the rental of single-family homes, townhouses, duplexes, individual condominium units, or individual rooms (including individual rooms in a residential building that the licensee also occupies);

Two-Family Rentals
Two-family rental, which shall include the rental of an English basement apartment, converted basement apartment, or carriage house in a single-family home where the main residence is occupied by the property owner or another tenant; and

Apartment Houses
Apartment houses, which shall include the rental of buildings with three (3) or more dwelling units.



Fee Schedule

Rental Housing Businesses & Fees


  • 3 Units: $453.20
  • 4 Units: $508.20
  • 5 Units: $563.20
  • 6 Units: $663.30
  • 7 Units: $718.30
  • 8 Units: $773.30
  • 9 Units: $828.30
  • 10 Units: $883.30

Family Rentals

  • One Family Rental – $198.00
  • Two Family Rental – $283.80

Resources and Information

Being or Becoming a Landlord in the District | A Handy Resource

If you are a current or aspiring landlord in the District, we have complied this new resource to help you with your business. This eBooklet is available in a desktop or mobile version so that you can keep it handy and accessible.


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