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Awning Permit

An architectural projection that provides weather protection for the purposes of decoration and it supported by the building for which it is attached.

Submission Requirements

  1. Architectural plans are required for erecting, repairing, replacing, and modifying an awning. Plans should include dimensions of the awning and show the structural support.
  2. This type of application is reviewed over the counter in the Permit Center. A minimum of 3 sets of plans are needed to complete the plan review.
  3. If the awning projects within the public right of way, such as a public side walk, District Department of Transportation (DDOT) may be required to review.

Application Process

  1. Begin your permit application under the permit type of Awning.
  2. Complete all required questions/fields (i.e. )
  3. Upload a formal quote, contract agreement or MS report and submit to pay the filing fee.
  4. Visit the Permit Center with your permit number and submission documents to complete the permit process.


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