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Tenant Layout Permit

Permit Description

The work necessary to finish the interior layout of space previously permitted under the construction codes (base building permit). Includes first occupancy of space.

Submission Requirements

  1. Full architectural drawings along with a coversheet are required for plan review.
  2.  A copy of the issued base New Building permit should be provided to ensure that the space was approved for new construction.
  3. All Tenant Layout projects are reviewed through our electronic plan review system ProjectDox.
  4. If the tenant space is not being newly occupied by a first time tenant or occupant, please complete the Alteration and Repair permit type application.

Application Process

  1. Begin your permit application under the permit type for a Tenant Layout Permit.
  2. Complete all required questions/fields (i.e. existing and propose uses of the tenant space, floor location and full description of work proposed)
  3. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive an email notification to upload your plans and supporting documents into ProjectDox to begin the plan review process.



Apply for a Permit


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