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ProjectDox Update – We've Made Some Improvements

Monday, January 27, 2020



What’s new?
The new ProjectDox dashboard allows users to easily view projects and tasks with fewer clicks and with our latest enhancements gives you more power to filter information. The result? Making permit submission as simple as 1, 2, 3.

When you log into your account you will notice the interface looks different. A new “All Projects” tab features all active projects – this is where you’ll find a list of your projects. All pending task(s) that you need to complete can be found under the “Tasks (PD)” tab. The applicant task(s) must be completed in order for projects to be submitted for pre-screening and plan review. Also available under the “All Projects” tab, you can search for projects by selecting the search field beneath the “Project” column. Enter the permit number or property address.

Accessing the New System
Log into your account at here. The ProjectDox system is supported and can be accessed by using Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers..

Would you like to attend a training?
ProjectDox training is available. Get assistance with uploading plans and get your questions answered about the system. Our team of experts are here to help! Sign up today!

Have questions?
Reference our FAQs. Didn’t find the answer? Please contact Shaun Baskerville at shaun.baskerville2@dc.gov.