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Digital Walk-Through Process

For small scale projects that would have previously been reviewed over the counter with paper plans, you can now complete the process completely online. With our Digital Walk-Through, all plans and supporting documents are now accepted through our ePlan review system ProjectDox for a completed review in 1 business day. This is includes simultaneous DCRA plan reviews and digital routing to select sister agencies (Historic Preservation, District Department of Energy and the Environment, and District Department of Transportation) saving you time and a trip to our office. DCRA Plan Reviews Disciplines: Structural, Zoning, Fire, Elevator Mechanical/Plumbing, Electrical, Green and Energy

Step 1– Complete your permit application online using the Citizen Access Portal, one of DCRA’s online permitting platforms (you must pay the filing fee online to fully submit for screening of your application).
Note: If you are submitting an application on behalf of a property owner or business entity, you must register as a Filing Representative.
Step 2– Within 24 hours, you will receive an email notification that includes an invitation to our ePlan review system ProjectDox to upload your drawings and any supporting documents.

Step 3– Your application and associated plans will be reviewed for pre-screening to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for plan review. (For example: includes an updated building plat based on the scope of work)

Step 4– Once approved at pre-screen review, your project is routed to all required DCRA divisions and other agencies for plan review. (You can review all division comments and statuses in our ProjectDox reporting eForm and you can track the review through our Scout, DCRA’s online consolidated database).

Step 5– Once all reviews are completed and you have received approval, you will receive notification to pay the remaining permit fees. You can log onto your OCPI account to pay your balance with a major credit card.

Note: If you did not include your contractor’s information (contractor’s DC license number and mailing address), you will be notified that this information is needed for us to proceed with issuance. Please check our licensing verification system to confirm the contractor’s license status. Homeowners can also be listed as the contractor, if they will be completing the work themselves.

Step 6– Once all fees are paid and the contractor’s information is entered, your permit will be issued and you will receive an email with the permit attached. (Please be sure to download your approved plans and any supporting documents in ProjectDox to have available onsite for inspections.)

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