In observance of the Independence Day holiday, DCRA will be closed and no construction will be allowed on Monday, July 4, 2022 without an after-hours permit. You may report illegal construction by submitting an Illegal Construction Inspection Request Form during normal business hours or calling 311.

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After Hours Permit

Permit Description

Working beyond the authorized construction hours of Monday through Saturday, 7:00am – 7:00pm. This includes work within public space authorized by the District Department of Transportation. (After hour permits can only be issued for periods of 30 days)

Submission Requirements

  1. Working after hours requires a permit for the construction (i.e. DCRA building permit or a DDOT occupancies permit)
  2. If the work area is within 500 feet of a residential area or zone, the work dates and times will require support from the neighboring Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner or Single Member District representative. The support can be in email or a letter that includes the requested period of work.
  3. If the work area is within 500 feet of sleeping quarters such as a hotel, hotel support is needed from the hotel management/representative to include the requester work dates and times. The support can be in the form of an email or a letter that includes the requested period of work.

Application Process

  1. Begin your permit application under the permit type of After Hours
  2. Complete all required questions/fields (i.e. dates of operations, whether you are located near a hotel or within a residential zone)
  3. Upload all supporting documents before completing your submission (permits and applicable support documents)
  4. Applications are reviewed by the following business day.


Apply for a Permit

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