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Energy and Green Building

Energy and Green Building

To assist in the permitting and inspection process, the Energy Verification Worksheet and Green & Energy Compliance System (GECS) have been replaced. An interactive workbook for the 2013 and 2017 DC Energy and Green Construction Codes has been created. The Energy and Green Worksheets workbook is unique to your project and, unlike prior forms, eliminates the requirement to create a pdf of the Energy Verification Sheets (EVS) for project review,

Using the Energy and Green Worksheets Workbook

  • The Energy and Green Worksheets workbook can be found here.
  • Once you select the link you will be prompted to make a copy of the workbook for your current project.
  • With each new project, visit this site and make a copy of the workbook to ensure that you are working with the most recent version.
  • In the workbook, instructions for its use are included on the Introduction Tab under, “How to use this document.” There are additional instructions on each of the required tabs.

Uploading You Energy and Green Worksheets Information

Prior to uploading your drawings to DCRA’s Project Dox, create a document such as a Word document that can be saved as a PDF file. In the document, include:

  1. Permit Number
  2. Building Address
  3. The link to your copy of the workbook containing your Energy and Green Worksheets.

Save the document as a PDF and upload in ProjectDox under Supporting Documents with the page labeled, “Energy and Green Worksheets.” DO NOT UPLOAD A PDF OR EXCEL VERSION OF THE WORKSHEETS.

Energy and Green Worksheet Informational Videos

How to Start a Project: DCRA’s New Energy and Green Worksheets for 2017 and 2013

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How to Complete: 2017 Commercial Energy Code Worksheets

How to Complete: 2017 and 2013 Green Code Worksheets

How to Complete: 2017 and 2013 Green Code Supplemental Worksheets

How to Complete: 2013 Residential Energy Code Worksheets

How to Complete: 2013 Commercial Energy Code Worksheets

For additional assistance with your green building project or using these forms, please contact us by email at green.building@dc.gov.

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