In observance of the Independence Day holiday, DCRA will be closed and no construction will be allowed on Monday, July 4, 2022 without an after-hours permit. You may report illegal construction by submitting an Illegal Construction Inspection Request Form during normal business hours or calling 311.

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File a Zoning Complaint

The Office of the Zoning Administrator (OZA) enforces the provisions of the DC Zoning Ordinances (“zoning regulations”). If you have questions, please contact OZA at (202) 442-4576. 

Submit a Zoning Complaint


What happens after I file my complaint?

  1. The complaint is reviewed.
  2. Permit records search and review is conducted.
  3. Inspections and/or investigations are conducted as necessary.
  4. Zoning compliance determination is made.
  5. Enforcement actions are taken as necessary (i.e., stop work orders, infractions issuance, etc.)
  6. Corrective actions may be required (permits to remove or keep the construction, approvals from sister agencies, etc.)

When can I expect follow up and a resolution?
DCRA has a service level agreement (SLA) of three business days in which to respond to complaints received. 

Timeframes for resolution are on a case-by-case basis as determined by the complexity of the zoning compliance case.

How can I assist the investigation?
Pictures, videos, or other supporting material may provide more detail about the alleged zoning violation. DCRA inspections and/or investigations may be conducted outside of receiving any public material.



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