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DCRA has implemented a new "safe & simple" tool that allows residents to upload construction documents and plans for adjacent neighbors.

Although Neighbor Notification letters give notice of construction to adjacent properties, they are not a tool to reject, hold, or delay a private property owner from performing work on their property.

Per the DCMR 2013 Construction Codes, any alteration, repair, additions to structure, party-walls, chimneys, underpinning or similar work adjacent to the property shall be protected from damage during construction. The responsibility is on the adjacent neighbor to provide “technically supported information” for any claim that the proposed scope of work will not protect his/her property. As long as the owner, whose property is under construction, provides a code compliant design, by a registered design professional, ensuring the integrity of the shared structure or property, the owner has the right to build.

DCRA is authorized, but not required, to grant a reasonable extension of time so the owner can resolve issues that come up. The extension of party-walls, chimneys or underpinning are similar. As long as the owner, whose property is under construction, provides construction documents ensuring the integrity of the shared structure, the owner has the right to modify the plans, to meet requirements of the Code and their scope of work.

DISCLAIMER: This tool is provided for your convenience.  It is not a requirement for use with the "Neighborhood Notification Program."  Please notethat plans and documents pertaining to your permit in process are the only approved documents for upload. The misuse of this site for any other purpose will cause your account to be closed.


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