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Small Business Resource Center (SBRC)

The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) launched the Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) in April 2011 to provide a more effective path for potential and current entrepreneurs to gain valuable information through training and consultation services and grow their businesses.

The SBRC is a one-stop-shop concierge service where aspiring and existing business owners can become equipped with the step-by-step process of navigating the District’s regulatory process, providing business owners with information, guidelines, and support, thereby identifying opportunities to succeed in today’s business environment.

After 10 years of a proven success, the SBRC has expanded its offerings supporting one common goal – to make starting a business in the District of Columbia easier.


Resources to Assist Customers

  • Navigating registration of legal and corporate entities and business licensing
  • Understanding business lifecycle roadmaps
  • Accessing DCRA products and services more efficiently
  • Using District-wide partnerships to leverage training and counseling opportunities
  • Obtaining business development information


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Contact the SBRC:

Main | (202) 442-4538
Jacqueline Noisette | (202) 442-8170 | [email protected]
Claudia Herrera | (202) 442-8055 | [email protected]
Tamika Wood | (202) 442-8004 | [email protected]



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